“President Trump is doing an incredible job. I’ve seen firsthand how liberal Democrats put countless roadblocks in the President’s way — and it is no different now. We need a fighter in DC who, as a Trump appointee, has already had President Trump’s back, and will do so again on Capitol Hill. I am that person.

“Border security, national security, and economic freedom are the three issues I’d focus on in this crisis. This global pandemic must show us the importance of finally securing our borders. I’ve supported border security missions in the Air National Guard, and I understand how important it is to Build The Wall. I was the first candidate to talk about the threat posed by China, and I’m the foremost China-hawk in the race. I’d orient all policy to counter this existential threat to our nation. The Trump Administration gave me a national security award, showing I’m the most knowledgeable candidate in the field to ensure we counter China.

“Finally, it is time for a new era of economic freedom. I’d work for the elimination of the payroll tax for the next year, and reduce federal spending by eliminating wasteful bureaucracies.”

– Clayton Fuller

Read the entire article here.

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