Prior to becoming president, Ronald Reagan called for a Republican Party with a platform “that is a banner of bold, unmistakable colors with no pale pastel shades.” Today, we must do the same for the 14th District. The 21st Century must be an American century with America as the leader of world order. This New American Century must first focus on lifting the communities of middle America instead of wealth concentrating on the coasts. Communities, like those that make up the 14th District, need Washington, and in particular the U.S. Congress to better respect the values of these communities and to ensure long-term economic sustainability. To that end, if I’m elected as the 14th District Representative these will be my first principles and the following reforms will be brought to the House Floor within the first 100 days of the 117th United States Congress.

  1. I pledge to be a Representative who is pro-life, supports the 2nd Amendment, stands for traditional family values, tirelessly works toward getting our fiscal house in order, and will never support any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants and will support immediately securing the Southern Border via construction of the wall.

  2. Ensure the 21st Century is an American Century.

    • Law and policy will be oriented toward growth and prosperity for small town America.

    • 2020 = 1933, Communist Party of China = Nazi Germany. All law and policy will be oriented to countering the Communist Party of China and to ensure the Party’s influence in the 14th District is neither corrupting to our founding principles nor coercive.

  3. Pledge to Create a Red Wall.

    Joint, written agreement with the representative of the 9th District, currently Representative Doug Collins, to vote and align messaging between the 9th and 14th districts. To counter Georgia turning purple, it is all the more important that North Georgia voters and their representatives remain in lock step support of the other.

  4. The Unseen Victims Bill

    A bill that would radically change the current tax law of the United States to incentivize capital investment in enterprises that combat the opioid and methamphetamine epidemics or lead to long-term economic development in towns impacted by the crisis. It would also raise awareness of the “carnage” suffered by the unseen victims of the opioid crisis.

  5. The Congressional Military Spouse Award

    Currently no government award exists to honor the contributions of military spouses. This must change.

  6. Conduct Hearings on Reforming the Pentagon

    Conduct an extensive review of the Pentagon apparatus, and provide the President with recommendations to eliminate the Undersecretary for Policy position and to create a new position at the Undersecretary level focused on Special Operations and Unconventional Warfare.

  7. Homeland Security Reform Act

    Goldwater Nichols 2.0. As we are threatened with new threats from cyber, EMP strikes, and ransomware attacks, as well as traditional forms of terrorism, we must be able to better respond to acts of terror both foreign and domestic.

  8. I have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to never vote to raise taxes on hard working Georgians.

I seek a mandate for reform from the people of the 14th District, and request that all seeking election to this office during the primary, pledge our names to this Fuller Contract with the 14th.

Clayton M. Fuller
Candidate for U.S. Congress

  1. Gary Benton says:

    First I am intrigued by your contract statement. I wanted to attend the meeting/rally today unfortunately I will be unable to attend. I have a few questions to ask.
    Will you work and fight to pass
    National constitutional carry law.
    Repeal all laws infringing on our constitutional rights.
    National concealed carry law.
    Repeal ATF regulations on suppressors and others infringing on the 2nd amendment. (shall not be infringed)
    To make bills no more than 20 pages with it written plainly and clearly to understand only containing 1 law per bill.
    Suppressing bills combining multiple laws and pork spending.
    Take back the power given to regulators to regulate agendas bypassing Congress and we the people.
    Term limits for congress.
    Laws to demilitarize law enforcement local and federal.
    Sell surplus demilitarize military vehicles to the to the people at the same discount as law enforcement… we paid for them in the first place.
    Abolish the IRS and replace with a national 10% sales tax repealing all other tax laws.
    Repeal all guaranteed yarly salary raises for government employees including congress.
    Repeal all automattic budget increases.
    Confine government spending to what is in the coffers. (Don’t have it can’t spend it)
    Law against robbing Peter to pay Paul budget spending.
    Privatization of SS or let we the people decide how it is invested and not spent.
    Fight against the ideology government is an entity that knows best for the people.
    If you can pledge to fight for all this you have my vote.

  2. Summer Davis says:

    Well Gary I couldn’t have said it better myself! What he said times 2 please? Also what is the difference between you and Marjorie Green who is also running as a conservative Republican.

  3. Jena Thomas says:

    Clayton Fuller,
    As a citizen of Georgia for the last 10 years, I have a couple of major concerns that directly impact my family.
    I would like to know your position on any homeschool infringement. As a homeschool mother of 4, I worry that legislation will be passed that will take away my right as a parent to raise my children as I see fit. I have an insatiable sense of entitlement to my children. I am frustrated with the mentality of what is for the greater good threatening to override my conviction from God to raise them. That being said maybe a serious look by the government into why so many families are choosing homeschool. I know that it is my life path so I am a more incline to know more people doing it however in the last decade I have seen a dramatic increase of parents making this sacrifice for their children.
    I would also just like to say my secondary concern is taxes. Is there a reason you see outstanding as to why we do not have a national sales tax? I can not understand how what you spend vs. what you make would not be a more fair and encourage less fraud. Not to mention would it not allow the government to save by abolishing the IRS?
    Thank you for choosing to serve our community. I absolutely love Georgia. I never imagined as a child raised in Oklahoma and Kansas, that I would live here. However I can not imagine living anywhere else at this point either. Georgia is full of some amazing people and countryside, that makes me so proud to call it home.

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