The only Republican candidate who lives in the more rural northern half of the district, which extends along the Tennessee border to Murray County in the east and down the Alabama border on the west to Haralson County, is Fuller, who lives in Dade County on Lookout Mountain. Ironically, he also is the only candidate not allowed to personally campaign or raise funds because of his current status as a federally funded member of the Air National Guard.

However, the former White House fellow and former prosecutor in the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit is one of at least three District 14 candidates who have made ad buys in the Chattanooga market. The other two who have been seen in frequent campaign ads are Greene and Cowan.

A tag line on one of Fuller’s television ads says “On Duty For Us,” shows him leaving behind his wife and family for National Guard duty, and explains how he’s been called up to help “contain the coronavirus.”

Read the entire Chattanooga Free Press article by Clint Cooper by clicking here.

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