It will take the right experience to win the Greatness Frontier. We need the right leaders to keep America great for decades to come, and for the country’s greatness to mean a new American century. Clay has the wide range of experience across the policy spectrum to win the Greatness Frontier.

“President Trump’s victory in 2016, his policies, and priorities have put us into The Greatness Frontier. The frontier of the 2020s will be defined by what President Trump started, but we must be lead into this unchartered territory by the guiding light of the right experience. I have the right experience to Win The Greatness Frontier.

So called “Flyover Country”—like us in North Georgia—has long been ignored by Washington. We told Washington our manufacturing jobs have disappeared, our addiction has increased, and our Main Streets have been hollowed out. But President Trump heard us, fought for us, and brought back a sense of greatness that had been lost.

We must now choose leaders who, like the frontiersman of old, will carry on with firm and faithful steps toward the greater destiny that President Trump has fashioned. That greater destiny is a merit and skill based immigration that works for us and not against us. It means a new economic future where small towns have more of its graduates finding good jobs in their hometowns instead of Atlanta, Nashville, or Charlotte. Manufacturing jobs lost will return. Overdose deaths and the unseen victims of the drug epidemics will be a thing of the past. China will no longer be an existential threat, and we will make the century American again.

We need a representative who is ready on day one to march with resolve into this unmapped frontier. Defending President Trump against the baseless daily attacks he endures will be my top priority. Democrats in Congress can’t stand President Trump, or the people who elected him, people like us from North Georgia. I have fought poverty as an entrepreneur for our rural communities. I have fought for victims who suffered unspeakable crimes. I have learned at the side our nation’s most remarkable warriors at the highest levels of our country’s national security.

I am ready on day one. Follow me, and together let’s Win the Greatness Frontier.”